ISO/TC37/SC4  "Terminology and other language and content resources"

Working Groups

WG 1 : Basic descriptors and mechanisms for language resources

Convenor: Nancy Ide

Standardization of
      - terminology used in language resources,
      - Basic mechanisms and data structures for linguistic representation
      - A meta-data representation scheme to document linguistic information structures and processes

WG 2 : Representation schemes Convenor: Kiyong Lee
standardization of
      - The definition of annotation/representation schemes for
       morpho-syntax and syntax
      - The representation scheme for the semantic content of multimodal
      - Of the metadata for discourse level representation scheme

WG 3 : Multilingual text representation
Convenor: Nasredine Semmar
MLIF NP PL: Samuel Cruz-Lara
standardization of
      - Translation memory and alignment of parallel corpora,
      - Segmentation and counting algorithms,
      - Meta-markup for Globalization, Internationalization and Localization (GIL)

WG 4 : Lexical database

Convenor: Nicolleta Calzolari
standardization of lexical representation formats for the various types of NLP applications (Machine Readable Lexica)

WG 5 : Workflow of language resource management

Standardization of guidelines for language validation and net-based distributed cooperative work



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