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Have you ever wondered...?
The TV cameras follow them around, the press faithfully reports and prints pictures of every jewellery change they make. This is the bling brigade at samara james , that powers a whole industry just because there are people who can never get enough of seeing them donned in all their diamond finery. There are cameras constantly lying in wait for the bling brigade to see what they are wearing ? after all, these are the trendsetters and what they wear today could become the fashion diktats of tomorrow. Is that why people love to watch them?

In all fairness, it is more of a woman thing than a male pastime. Women tend to hang on to everything their favourite celebrities wear and do and say. It¡¯s so fascinating to know just how many carats their favourite star¡¯s diamond rings are and what colour of diamond is on every ring. Of special interest is diamond rings that could be used as an engagement ring and the suspense is always so deliciously intriguing. Ask a woman why she blindly follows this bling brigade and she¡¯ll shrug and either deny it or say she doesn¡¯t know. Maybe she¡¯s right there ? maybe it¡¯s a kind of primal call that the diamonds make to her heart and mind that makes her want to follow them so much! Visit



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